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As a professional musician and woodworker I have a very good understanding of how the accordion should sound and perform and enjoy the entire construction process, from choosing the right wood to shaping the reed blocks and fine tuning each component for a perfect fit and ideal sound.  Every player is different and my accordions are made to suit each individual's sound and playing style.


Learning first to tune in the old style then eventually to build from master accordion builder Randy Falcon in 2006 I have done my best to incorporate generations of knowledge into my work, while continually looking for new ways to improve the overall functionality, efficiency and playability of each instrument.

I am also very experienced in repairing, restoring and tuning button accordions-especially older/antique accordions whether made in Louisiana, old world Germany or anywhere else.

An example of a Michot accordion with old style tuning can be heard here


 Feel free to contact me here.

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